Thursday, April 28, 2011

Welcome to Meatbag Orientation

All Meatbags will check this daily to ensure all orders are read and understood. Failure to do so will result in recycling. I would like to introduce you all to your supervisor Mr. Mittens, say hello Mr. Mittens.

Note that Mr. Mittens' ears are permanently fixed like that to remind you Meatbags what happens when you don't do as your told. What did he do to deserve it? Nothing. We just needed a strong reminder.

Hello humans, I am your supervisor Mr. Mittens. On today's agenda for Forced Fun Time our glorious Metallic Masters of Martyrdom have kindly given us a video to watch before going back to the gulags. Enjoy your FFT (that's short for Forced Fun Time, better get hip to the business lingo quick).